Kristin Murtha

Graduate Student

Originally from New Jersey, Kristin graduated from the University of Virginia in 2018 with a major in psychology and a minor in bioethics. She completed an honors thesis in the Social Cognition and Behavior Lab with Dr. Sophie Trawalter, examining the relationship between physical and psychological violence and support for safe spaces in higher education. After graduation, she joined the Penn Lifespan Informatics and Neuroimaging Lab, working under Dr. Ted Satterthwaite. While running a longitudinal study of Executive Function in children with ADHD and Psychosis Spectrum symptoms, she became interested in how early environmental factors influence clinical and cognitive outcomes, and completed independent research examining the relationship between neighborhood and family level socioeconomic status and executive system activation. She joined the EDEN Lab as a clinical psychology graduate student in 2022, and hopes to further understand the ways in which multilevel environmental influences may serve as risk or protective factors for the development of callous unemotional traits and externalizing disorders.

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